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Funeral Burial Cremation Pre Planning

Simplicity Funeral Services

These packages, or combination of services can help you with selecting the most appropriate, simple, dignified, and economical services that meet  your needs.

Traditional Funeral with Visitation prior to Service and body prepared and present for services.

Immediate Services have no viewing, visitation, nor arrangements for any events.

Includes Basic Services of Funeral Home and Staff, Embalming, Dressing and Casketing, Cosmetology   and   Hair   Dressing,  First Call  in  Harris  County  hospital,  3-hour  visitation, Funeral Ceremony in chapel or Harris County Church, Graveside Services in Harris county, Transportation of Casket to Graveside in Harris county,   Memorial Guest Book, and Memorial Folders (50) are included.

  • Simplicity Package for Cremation,includes Ceremonial Casket for use during Funeral and Visitation                                                             $ 2,600
  • Simplicity Package for Burial, includes Vanguard Casket              $ 3,600
  • Traditional Funeral with CremationCommittal including   Combustible Wood Casket and Service at  Crematory for Committal                $ 5,000

Services with No viewing, visitation or services.  Does not include embalming, dressing or cosmetology

  • Simplicity Immediate Burial in Harris County includes Vanguard Casket                                                               $ 2,600
  • Simplicity Immediate Cremation with Memorial Service
  •                                                                                              $ 1,095
  • ·Simplicity Immediate Cremation with Alternative Container $850
  • ·Immediate Cremation with witnessed committal At Crematory (includes add’l crematory charges before Noon, add $ 100 after noon                                                          $ 1,670
Vanguard 20 Ga Steel Non Gasketed Casket available in coppertone, white, or blue with crepe interior.     $ 800 included in Traditional Funeral Burial Package.
Ceremonial Casket used for viewing and service in Traditional Funeral Cremation Package. Includes Alternative Container used for Cremation. $ 545

Any Removals except from Harris County Hospital will be charged $ 150 additional. Transportation charges outside Harris County will be additional.
Remains over 250 Pounds will require additional merchandise and service charges.