The total cost of a Funeral will have several Elements

  • Services of the Funeral Home will include at a minimum the Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff and Overhead. In addition Professional Service will include such items as Embalming, Dressing, Casketing, Cosmetology, or refrigeration. Facilites charges may include the use of the Funeral Chapel or Personel for Visitation, Funeral Services, Memorial Services and other type services which are arranged and directed by our staff. Automotive Charges, such as Removal from Place of Death, Transportation of Remains to Cemetery or Crematory, Use of Funeral Coach (Hearse) Funeral Limousine or Utility or Flower Car.
  •  Merchandise, for a direct cremation, the only cost will be for an alternative container, which is required by the crematory, and for an urn in        which to place the remains after cremation for return to the family, or other dispositon. A burial will require the purchase of a casket and many cemeteries require Outer Burial Enclosures. Some families wish a permenant or decorative urn. A memorial register book, Funeral brochures, or prayer cards are other examples of Merchandise. Families who wish a service prior to the cremation with the body prepared and present may elect to use our Ceremonial Casket for use during these services only.
  • Cash Advance Items for a burial, these may include Cemetery fees to open and close the grave, the purchase of cemetery property and a memorial for the grave. For a Cremation, there will be cremation fees. Other common charges which you may encounter would be honorariums for the minister, musicians, Veteran Organization honorariums and death certificates.

The total of the above items will constitute most of the cost of the Funeral. You may view or General Price List , including Casket, Outer Burial Enclosure and Urn Price List by clicking here, and you may view some service sample charges, which we call Simplicity Packages by clicking here. 
Outer Burial Enclosures
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